Walton County School District - Distance Learning Application

Beginning in August 2021, digital learning will be offered to Walton County School District (WCSD) students in grades 6-12. All courses will be administered free of charge through Georgia Virtual School (GaVS). WCSD will not offer distance learning options for students in grades pre-k through 5. This decision is in line with other Northeast Georgia school districts and takes into account students’ academic and social-emotional needs, the improving pandemic conditions, the availability of vaccinations for teachers and other school staff and guidance from health experts and organizations.
Important Digital Learning Changes to Note for School Year 2021-22
  • All courses will be administered through GaVS.
  • GaVS courses require daily participation Monday through Friday.
  • GaVS is an online instructional program affiliated with the Georgia Department of Education that offers over 100 course offerings in the core content areas, world languages, CTAE, electives and a vast AP course selection.
  • Each course is taught by a certified teacher hired by the Georgia Department of Education.
  • Students enrolled in digital learning will not be assigned or instructed by WCSD teachers.
In order to be successful in the GaVS program, students must be motivated, organized, self-disciplined and supported. Parents should consider how their child performed during digital learning when making a decision for the 2021-22 school year. Parent involvement is also key to successful digital learning as students will need parental assistance during the digital learning school day.

To enroll in digital learning, a student must meet the district’s eligibility requirements and have reliable internet access. Since the district is utilizing GaVS, students will be required to commit to digital learning for extended periods of time and will not be able to return in person without penalty. Early withdrawal will result in fees to the parent/guardian as described below.

Please read the following information carefully as a significant commitment will be needed by both students and parents in order to facilitate successful digital learning.

Academic Eligibility Requirements
  • Students in grades 6-9 must have earned all A's and B's for two prior school years
  • Students in grades 10-12 must have a GPA of 85 or higher
Time Commitment
  • Middle school students must commit to an entire academic year (August-May)
    • The registration deadline for the 2021-22 school year is July 30, 2021. Middle school students who do not register prior to July 30 will not be able to opt in to digital learning for the remainder of the school year.
  • High school students must commit to a full semester (August-December/January-May)
    • The registration deadline for the first semester of 2021-22 school year is July 30, 2021. After July 30, high school students will not be able to opt in to digital learning until the second semester.
Withdrawal Information
  • Students wishing to withdraw from a GaVS course must do so within the first five days of the course start date to avoid repaying substantial tuition fees to the district.
  • Students who withdraw from a course within the first five days will be responsible for reimbursing WCSD the $25 fee charged by GaVS.
  • Students withdrawing after the first 5 days will be responsible for repaying WCSD $500 per course dropped.
  • WCSD cannot guarantee that high school students will be able to complete credits within the same school year upon returning.
Other Important Considerations
  • GaVS is capable of accommodating EIP, Gifted and REP services.
  • Every student, regardless of grade level, will be expected to adhere to the school GaVS academic calendar which may differ from the WCSD academic calendar.
  • Students will be expected to follow the WCSD Student Code of Conduct.
  • Reliable internet access is required in order to participate in digital learning and a district-issued device is available for each student.
  • Sharing devices is not recommended as all students will be required to complete coursework during the day. Each student participating in digital learning is strongly encouraged to have their own district-issued device.
  • Students will be held accountable by the acceptable use of WCSD devices and associated technologies through Student Code of Conduct item 2.11 Inappropriate Use of Technology (GA .05).
  • Students will also be liable for damages to their WCSD-issued device through Student Code of Conduct item 2.13 Destruction of Property ($500 or less) (GA .20).
  • In order to utilize a WCSD issued Chromebook. Parents must purchase a $20 protection plan per device in order to take home a WCSD-issued Chromebook.
Acknowledgment of Understanding Consideration
As the parent or guardian of the named student(s), I am requesting that Walton County School District enroll my student(s) into the full-time digital/distance learning platform. I have read and considered all communicated factors and acknowledge the limitations and restrictions this choice imposes. I further acknowledge that:
  • I am entering my middle school student(s) into a year-long commitment to participate in Georgia Virtual School.
  • I am entering my high school student(s) into a semester-long commitment to participate in Georgia Virtual School.
THIS APPLICATION CLOSES AT 11:59 PM on July 30, 2021

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