Walton County School District - Distance Learning Application

In response to COVID-19, WCSD will continue to offer digital learning during the spring semester. Every student who wishes to participate in digital learning next semester must enroll by 11:59 p.m. on October 27, regardless of where they are currently attending school. Students who do not enroll in digital learning by the deadline will automatically be enrolled for in-person instruction.

Important Digital Learning Changes to Note for Spring 2021
  • Attendance for high school will be taken during each class according to each student’s schedule.
  • In most cases, middle and high school students will be assigned to a certified teacher from their home school.
  • Elementary and middle school teachers are subject to change.

Expectations in terms of attendance, grading and accountability will be the same for those students participating digitally and in person. Please carefully read the information below as a significant commitment will be needed by both students and parents in order to facilitate successful digital/distance learning.
  • Students will be taught according to the Georgia Standards of Excellence and grades will be based on academic performance.
  • Core academic courses will be available for all grade levels.
  • Projects for art, music and physical education will be made available for elementary students.
  • Middle school students will be assigned one elective course.
  • Elective and AP courses for high school students will be expanded for the second semester.
  • The district will make every effort to accommodate services for EIP, Gifted and REP students who choose digital/distance learning.
  • The school district will remain responsible for the free appropriate public education of students eligible for special education services with an individualized education program (IEP) that opt for digital/distance learning. Because online learning may affect how special education and related services are provided, the student’s IEP team will work to ensure that the student receives services to the most appropriate extent possible.
  • Digital/distance learning will take place Monday through Friday. The program will be structured like a regular school day and include video content, instruction from teachers, various online and offline assignments, quizzes and tests.
  • Students must be motivated, organized, self-disciplined and supported. Parent involvement is key to successful digital/distance learning as students will need parental assistance during the digital learning school day.
  • In order to provide quality day-time instruction, WCSD will be staffing digital learning with existing teachers.
  • Elementary school students will be assigned a certified Walton County School District teacher. It is important to note that a child’s teacher may not be from the school where the student is zoned.
  • In most cases, middle and high school students will be assigned a certified teacher from their home school.
  • Every student, regardless of grade level, will be expected to attend and adhere to the school board-approved academic calendar.
  • Students will be expected to follow the WCSD attendance policy and Student Code of Conduct.
    • Attendance at the elementary and middle school levels will be taken daily.
    • High school attendance will be taken during each class according to the student’s schedule.
  • Reliable internet access is required in order to participate in digital learning and a district-issued device is available for each student.
  • Sharing devices is not recommended as all students will be required to complete coursework during the day. Each student participating in digital learning is strongly encouraged to have their own district-issued device.
  • Students will be held accountable by the acceptable use of WCSD devices and associated technologies through Student Code of Conduct item 2.11 Inappropriate Use of Technology (GA .05). Students will also be liable for damages to their WCSD-issued device through Student Code of Conduct item 2.13 Destruction of Property ($500 or less) (GA .20).
  • Parents must purchase a $20 protection plan per device in order to take home a WCSD-issued Chromebook.
Acknowledgment of Understanding Consideration
As the parent or guardian of the named student(s), I am requesting that Walton County School District enroll my student(s) into the full-time digital/distance learning platform. I have read and considered all communicated factors and acknowledge the limitations and restrictions this choice imposes. I further acknowledge that:
  • I am entering my elementary/middle school student(s) into a nine-week commitment to participate in the distance learning platform.
  • I am entering my high school student(s) into a semester-long commitment to participate in the distance learning platform.


By Clicking Continue you agree to the guidelines above.